Connor Ryan Joins Advocate Team

A New Earth Project, the sustainability initiative of Atlantic Packaging, proudly welcomes professional skier, Lakota activist, and captivating storyteller, Connor Ryan, to its advocate team.

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The Coast Summit Panels

The Coast Summit at the Coast Film and Music Festival unites top-tier adventure athletes, renowned filmmakers, and industry leaders who have not only achieved excellence in their respective fields but have also left a profound mark through their commitment to activism and storytelling.

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Extended Producer Responsibility

We've been writing and sharing all about Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) since Senate Bill 54 was signed into law on June 30, 2022. Now, we've put this all together into one place for you to reference, bookmark, and share with anyone who is looking to learn more. We'll be adding to it as we have more to share.

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Journey to a New Earth

We are excited to announce that Season 1 of "Journey to a New Earth" is now available on Prime Video! This first season documents the inception of Atlantic Packaging's vision to rid the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution. The energy and passion of the surfing world fueled this unique collaboration.

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Coast Summit

The Coast Film Foundation is thrilled to unveil its inaugural Coast Summit, an environmental symposium presented by A New Earth Project, in collaboration with The Momentum and other respected partners who have helped shape this significant programming addition to the Coast Film and Music Festival.

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TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Accelerator

We are so proud to announce thatA New Earth Project's founding company, Atlantic Packaging, has joined the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Accelerator program’s Early Adopter Coalition. Atlantic Packaging Vice President, Stewart Whitmire, has also joined as a member of the Accelerator’s scientific and technical advisory board.

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Laguna Beach Magazine- Going Green: Featuring A New Earth Project

Laguna Beach Magazine author Sharon Stello published her article Going Green: Refill Shops and an Eco-Friendly Packaging Showroom have Popped Up in Laguna as More People Seek to Embrace Sustainable Living. Stello highlights various shops dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyles, including our very own A New Earth Project showroom located in Laguna Beach, California.


Wes Carter of Atlantic Packaging On The Case For Optimism About The Next Ten & Twenty Years

Social publishing platform Medium interviewed founder of A New Earth Project, Wes Carter, about his plans and ideas for the future of our planet. Carter is on a mission to use his seat at the table to create lasting change. He's passionate about the possibilities that exist if consumers, businesses, and politicians work together to create a better future.


Partnership with Ocean Fest

The Ocean Fest is an annual festival that benefits Mother Ocean! Join us in Surf City, NC on October 13 + 14 where we’ll take over the Eco Zone and team up with local nonprofits to educate festival goers about ocean protection and sustainability. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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Partnership with AFFTA

We are excited to announce that A New Earth Project has joined the American Fly Fishing Trade Association. AFFTA’s mission is to guide the sustainable growth of the fly fishing industry through Trade Development and Stewardship. We had the opportunity to collaborate on a recyclable fly box that meets our New Earth Approved criteria and is available to all AFFTA retailer partners.

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How South Carolina can Lead the Sustainability Revolution

South Carolina has much to offer, but it ranks close to last in its ability to recycle single-use plastics. Wes Carter, president of Atlantic Packaging, proposes some policies and infrastructure ideas that could help protect the wildlife and nature of this beautiful state.


Atlantic Packaging President Wes Carter Elected to The Conservation Alliance Board of Directors

President of Atlantic Packaging, Wes Carter, has been elected to the Conservation Alliance Board of Directors. Carter is excited to collaborate with like-minded professionals working towards a waste-free world.

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Paper Packaging Surge Impacts Paper Recycling

Atlantic Packaging is one of the forerunners in the move away from plastic packaging, instead turning to boxes and paper-based packaging. Caroline James, Director of Sustainability, spoke with American Recycler on the importance of using renewable resources in packaging. 


Atlantic Packaging Becomes First Packaging Company in North America with Approved Net-Zero Science Based Targets

We are excited to announce that Atlantic Packaging’s goal of Net-Zero Emissions by 2046 has been approved by the Science-Based Targets Initiative. With this goal, Atlantic is encouraging other companies to do the same and is paving the way for a more environmentally-oriented global packaging supply chain. 

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People. Planet. Profit: Businesses Support HB6664 as a Triple Win

Atlantic Packaging is proud to support HB6664 and takes a deeper look at how other companies, and state organizations, can support a cleaner environment through the enactment of EPR packaging laws. 

CT Mirror

Why Atlantic Packaging Doesn't Shy Away From EPR Conversations

Caroline James, Director of Sustainability at Atlantic Packaging, spoke with Packaging Dive about Atlantic’s commitment to promoting EPR policies, environmental sustainability, and how the company is revolutionizing the packaging industry. 

Packaging Dive

Entrepreneur That Gives a Damn

Good Grit sat down with Wes Carter, founder of A New Earth Project, to take a look at how he is transforming the company into a powerhouse of sustainability, spreading awareness about environmental rights and what companies can do to save the environment. 


5 Questions With … Wes Carter in SCBiz Magazine

SC Biz magazine spoke with Atlantic
Packaging president and founder of A New Earth Project, Wes Carter, for their 5 Questions column all about emerging technologies in the packaging industry and his advice for implementing sustainable practices.

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A New Earth Project Becomes Official Sustainability Partner of the Azalea Festival

Event organizers have set an ambitious goal for the Airlie Luncheon Garden Party as the first Zero Waste event of the Festival. A New Earth Project has stepped in as the Official Sustainability Sponsor of the event to help them take the strides needed to work towards this goal.

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Watch Natural Selection Tour Livestream Here

We're so excited to be joining forces with Natural Selection Tour as a sustainable solutions partner. And to have competitor Kimmy Fasani as A New Earth Project Advocate!! Tune in here to watch the livestream. And see below for all the Tour details.

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A New Earth Project Partners with Natural Selection Tour

A New Earth Project is excited to announce that we've joined forces with Natural Selection Tour as a sustainable solutions partner. Our mission to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution aligns perfectly with Natural Selection’s mission to celebrate Mother Nature.


Cruz Foam Announces Atlantic Packaging As Official Go-To-Market Partner

We are thrilled to share the announcement that Atlantic Packaging is the official go-to-market partner for Cruz Foam. We believe that Atlantic’s partnership with Cruz foam is the most exciting and potentially impactful innovation in sustainable packaging to date. 

Please see the full press release here. 

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Finding Your 'Sustainability And...'

Job seekers need more than just a degree in sustainability to be attractive to companies. It's important to pair your degree with another skill or interest. Caroline James, Director of Sustainability at Atlantic Packaging, takes a deeper look at this and shares her insight.


A New Earth Project Becomes Official Sustainability Partner of Coast Film & Music Festival

A New Earth Project announced a newly minted partnership with the Coast Film & Music Festival, an annual showcase of adventure and nonfiction films and stories from the mountains to the sea with a vision to inspire positive change. The annual event will take place November 9-13 at The Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.

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US Board Riders Clubs Sign A New Earth Project as Official Sustainability Partner

A New Earth Project, the sustainability initiative backed by Atlantic Packaging, has signed on as the Official Sustainability Partner of US Board Riders Clubs (USBRC), it was announced today by Chris Moreno, co-founder and board member of US Board Riders Clubs.

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Snowsports Industries of America Partners with A New Earth Project to Address Sustainable Packaging in the Winter Outdoor Industry

SIA, the trade association of the winter outdoor industry, is pleased to announce a newly minted partnership with A New Earth Project, a coalition of outdoor enthusiasts, innovative brands, and the global packaging supply chain on a mission to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution.

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Civil Rights To Sustainability: Atlantic Packaging Continues Its Mission Of Leading Change

"Our mission is very personal to me," said Wes Carter, President of Atlantic Packaging. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, the company today provides equipment, materials, engineering and service for consumer-destined and B2B packaging solutions, with a heavy focus on sustainable packaging.


Ten Champions of Conservation

In a precarious time for our Southern ecosystems, these ten under-the-radar scientists, advocates, and groundbreakers are saving endangered butterflies, defending the Everglades, fighting for shorebirds, creating art that speaks from the heart, and more

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Why I support regulating my industry

Packaging EPR laws represent a critical lever to improving the packaging supply chain. Article by Caroline James, Director of Sustainability for Atlantic Packaging.


Wilmington's Carter family creates a packaging giant

Surging home deliveries and more sustainable packaging solutions accelerates the Carter family's Atlantic Packaging.

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Water IS Life: A New Earth Project

When world champion surfers collaborate with industry leaders to mitigate the effects of plastic pollution in our world's oceans, the impact is tremendous.

Stand Up Journal

Surfing for Solutions

An ambitious partnership between an inventive global packaging company and the surfing community to rid the ocean of plastic pollution. A Wilmington-based company's efforts to protect the environment are going beyond its customers and into the local surfing community with the goal of promoting actions that reduce plastic pollution in our oceans.

Wilmington Magazine

A New Earth Project Aims to Reduce and Purge Ocean Pollution

A new Earth Project Teams with professional surfers like like Kai Lenny, Vaihiti Mahana, Carlos Munoz, and Koa Smith to serve as global advocates to adopt more sustainable solutions. Surfing was a prime driver that motivated the packaging company's president, Wes Carter, to found this growing coalition in 2021. Since that time, Atlantic has made curbside recyclable packaging products more accessible to businesses and consumers.

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New In Town

A New Earth Project debuted its showroom in Laguna in April 2022. Open by appointment at 1516 s. Coast Highway, visitors can learn more about the brand's sustainable packaging line called New Earth Approved, which is made from renewable resources and is fully curbside recyclable. A New Earth Project is a coalition of outdoor enthusiasts, industry-leading brands, and innovative packaging suppliers focused on developing and advocating for sustainable packaging.

Laguna Beach Magazine

Atlantic Packaging Joins the Conservation Alliance

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and future generations, Atlantic Packaging becomes the first packaging company member of The Conservation Alliance.

Family owned-and-operated for 75 years, Atlantic Packaging is committed to supporting the intelligent transition to a circular packaging supply chain and a waste-free world. With packaging accounting for over 40 percent of plastic waste according to 2018 EPA data, Atlantic Packaging has recognized its corporate responsibility to have a positive impact on sustainability.

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Leave Nothing but Footprints in the Sand

“We’ve been able to test and refine a lot of different materials and technologies, and not only is what we devised recyclable and sustainable, but it’s more convenient for everyone from the surfboard companies to the consumers. The waste can go right into your curbside bin, and it’s fully recyclable,” explained Wes Carter, president of Atlantic Packaging and founder of A New Earth Project.

San Clemente Times

How Do We Avoid This?

It’s one thing to say you’re against plastic in the ocean. It’s another thing entirely to bet the family business on it. 

It’s a Wednesday night in Laguna Beach, and A New Earth Project is officially unveiling itself to a small consortium of VIPs, friends, family, and influencers. 

“I knew that these guys had been working on something, but this is pretty incredible,” describes longtime surf industry player and legendary Laguna Beach goofy-footer Jeff Booth. 

Stab Magazine

New Earth Project Helping Solve The Plastic Crisis

Wes Carter, president of Atlantic Packaging as well as an avid surfer, has been on a mission to move consumer products away from single-use plastic packaging, which has been a huge contributor to ocean pollution. 

the momentum

Tackling Sustainability: Science, Scaling, Solutions, and Challenges

Sustainability is top of mind across our industry and the broader economic landscape. Many of us are aware of this, and we're all at different stages of progress, but we're inevitably asking the same questions: What's needed? How do we get there? What does science say? How do we scale? And, what solutions are there that are ready to adopt?

SIMA Speaker Series

"A New Earth Project' Seeks to End Plastic Pollution

In celebration of Earth Day, Wilmington-based Atlantic Packaging has officially launched A New Earth Project, an initiative that seeks to eliminate plastic pollution from oceans, lakes and rivers through sustainable packaging.

Wilmington Biz

Earth Day: Three Industry Suppliers Striving to Make a Difference

In honor of Earth Day, Shop Eat Surf spoke with three industry suppliers that are striving to make a positive environmental impact while growing their businesses at the same time.

Shop Eat Surf

A New Earth Project Opens Showroom in Laguna Beach

Shop ”New Earth Approved” products for Earth Day and help rid our waterways of pollution.

Orange Coast Magazine

What's Really Motivating Businesses to Embrace Climate Action?

What's driving so many business and cultural leaders to focus their energy on sustainability and climate issues? Is it for the good of mankind? For business? Or for both? Join Adam Davidson and Wes Carter to explore the motivations and inspirations behind the climate movement.

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Turning Off the Tap

"The president of a packaging company is determined to help solve the problem of plastic pollution."

Wrightsville Beach Magazine

Social Impact Heroes Helping Our Planet

Why & How Wes Carter of Atlantic Packaging Is Helping To Change Our World

Authority Magazine

Down to Earth

Wes Carter Tackles the Issue of Pollution Head-On as President of Atlantic Packaging

TOWN Magazine (pg 42-43)

The Post and Courier

Charleston business owner starts project to rid oceans of plastic pollution.

Post & Courier

See How America's Largest Packaging Producer is Ditching Plastic

You’ve likely never heard of Wes Carter.As far as most of us are concerned, he works behind the scenes. But as president of North America’s largest privately held packaging company, he has a big influence on a place we all share: the ocean.

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Packaging a Sustainable Future

Wes Carter, founder of A New Earth Project and President of Atlantic Packaging, and Caroline James, Director of Sustainability, talk with Matt Prindiville, host of The Indisposable podcast, on EPR laws, producer responsibility, and what packaging companies can do to help save the environment. 

The Indisposable Podcast

Is Shrimp the Future of Packaging? with Wes Carter and John Felts

Wes Carter, President of Atlantic Packaging and founder of A New Earth Project, talks with John Felts, CEO and co-founder of Cruz Foam, about the growth of plastic packaging and its detrimental impacts. But more importantly, they discuss innovative alternatives and ways that companies can help protect the environment. 

The Climate Changers

Wes Carter, President, Atlantic Packaging: On Empowering Purposeful Packaging

Wes Carter is the President of Atlantic Packaging, the largest, private packaging company in the U.S. which has been operating for 75 years. As a third generation business owner, he is on a mission to make packaging smarter and sustainable. In this episode, we discuss the moral obligation he feels for packaging companies to care about environmental issues, inspire greater responsibility in customers, and innovate to better serve our future. He reveals the power of collaboration between competitors, partners, and policy makeers to realize a new and transformative vision for sustainable packaging at a time it's urgently needed.

Lead With We

Atlantic Packaging's Wes Carter on Making Commerce Sustainable

Wes Carter, president of Atlantic Packaging, a Wilmington, N.C.-based maker of sustainable boxes, shipping solutions, recyclable mailers, and six-pack carriers, explains the complex supply chains that feed our lifestyle.


Episode 43: A New Earth with Peter King and Wes Carter

Sarah sits down with former World Tour surfer Peter King and President of Atlantic Packaging Wes Carter to discuss their project.

Are You For Real?

49. Wes Carter: A New Earth Project / President at Atlantic Packaging

Today on the Live Life in Motion, I talk with Wes Carter. Wes is the President at Atlantic Packaging. He recently teamed up with Peter King and the global surfing community to create A New Earth Project.

Live Life in Motion

Ep. 39. Atlantic Packaging President Wes Carter

In this episode of The Sustainable Angler podcast I interview Atlantic Packaging President Wes Carter, and we take a deep dive on plastic pollution, specifically centered around plastic packaging.

The Sustainable Angler