Stopping The Wave of Plastic Waste

A New Earth Project is transforming the packaging industry with sustainable innovation to raise awareness on the plastic crisis and leave the world a better place for the next generation.
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Danny Schleien

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How Do We Avoid This?

It’s one thing to say you're against plastic in the ocean. It's another thing entirely to bet the family business on it.

Stab magazine

Tackling Sustainability: Science, Scaling, Solutions, and Challenges

Sustainability is top of mind across our industry and the broader economic landscape. Many of us are aware of this, and we're all at different stages of progress, but we're inevitably asking the same questions: What's needed? How do we get there? What does science say? How do we scale? And, what solutions are there that are ready to adopt?

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Earth Day: Three Industry Suppliers Striving to Make a Difference

In honor of Earth Day, Shop Eat Surf spoke with three industry suppliers that are striving to make a positive environmental impact while growing their businesses at the same time.

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Leave Nothing but Footprints in the Sand

How often do you stop to think about the environmental impact of your surfing and what can be done to make it a more sustainable pursuit? Who doesn’t love a new gleaming, white board? Or that first session in a fresh wetsuit? It’s a dream.

But our actions and purchasing decisions do make a difference, and there are things we can all do to help the ocean out a little.

San Clemente Times

A New Earth Project Opens Showroom in Laguna Beach

Shop ”New Earth Approved” products for Earth Day and help rid our waterways of pollution.

Orange Coast Magazine

What's Really Motivating Businesses to Embrace Climate Action?

What's driving so many business and cultural leaders to focus their energy on sustainability and climate issues? Is it for the good of mankind? For business? Or for both? Join Adam Davidson and Wes Carter to explore the motivations and inspirations behind the climate movement.

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Turning Off the Tap

"The president of a packaging company is determined to help solve the problem of plastic pollution."

Wrightsville Beach Magazine

Social Impact Heroes Helping Our Planet

Why & How Wes Carter of Atlantic Packaging Is Helping To Change Our World

Authority Magazine

Down to Earth

Wes Carter Tackles the Issue of Pollution Head-On as President of Atlantic Packaging

TOWN Magazine (pg 42-43)

The Post and Courier

Charleston business owner starts project to rid oceans of plastic pollution.

Post & Courier


Wes Carter, President, Atlantic Packaging: On Empowering Purposeful Packaging

Wes Carter is the President of Atlantic Packaging, the largest, private packaging company in the U.S. which has been operating for 75 years. As a third generation business owner, he is on a mission to make packaging smarter and sustainable. In this episode, we discuss the moral obligation he feels for packaging companies to care about environmental issues, inspire greater responsibility in customers, and innovate to better serve our future. He reveals the power of collaboration between competitors, partners, and policy makeers to realize a new and transformative vision for sustainable packaging at a time it's urgently needed.

Lead With We

Atlantic Packaging's Wes Carter on Making Commerce Sustainable

Wes Carter, president of Atlantic Packaging, a Wilmington, N.C.-based maker of sustainable boxes, shipping solutions, recyclable mailers, and six-pack carriers, explains the complex supply chains that feed our lifestyle.


Episode 43: A New Earth with Peter King and Wes Carter

Sarah sits down with former World Tour surfer Peter King and President of Atlantic Packaging Wes Carter to discuss their project.

Are You For Real?

49. Wes Carter: A New Earth Project / President at Atlantic Packaging

Today on the Live Life in Motion, I talk with Wes Carter. Wes is the President at Atlantic Packaging. He recently teamed up with Peter King and the global surfing community to create A New Earth Project.

Live Life in Motion

Ep. 39. Atlantic Packaging President Wes Carter

In this episode of The Sustainable Angler podcast I interview Atlantic Packaging President Wes Carter, and we take a deep dive on plastic pollution, specifically centered around plastic packaging.

The Sustainable Angler