Coast Summit 2023


Inaugural Eco-Sustainability Symposium, Presented by A New Earth Project, Joins the Coast Film & Music Festival Event Lineup

The Coast Film Foundation is thrilled to unveil its inaugural Coast Summit, an environmental symposium presented by A New Earth Project, in collaboration with The Momentum and other respected partners who have helped shape this significant programming addition to the Coast Film and Music Festival.

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“We’re thrilled to be playing a part in bringing the Coast Summit to the Coast Film and Music Festival” said Don Meek, managing director of A New Earth Project. “Our mission is to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution, and we are 100% sure that we must do it together.”

The day-long event will take place on Thursday, November 9th from 10am - 4pm at the Festival of Arts Forum Theater, and unites top-tier adventure athletes, renowned filmmakers, and industry leaders who have not only achieved excellence in their respective fields but have also left a profound mark through their commitment to activism and storytelling.

Some of the influential voices participating in the Summit include (subject to change)

● Ben Warner | Cofounder Coast Film & Music Festival
● Chris Mauro | Journalist, Storyteller, Environmental advocate
● Chris Miyahsiro | Storyteller, Ocean Advocate
● Dr. Chad Nelsen | Surfer, climber, CEO of the Surfrider Foundation (more)
● Dr. Cliff Kapono | Professional Surfer; PHD Chemistry
● Dan Marriner | Professor of Sustainable Design, Laguna College of Art and Design
● Dave Winslow | Founder, The Momentum
● Don Meek | Managing Director, A New Earth Project
● Hallie Jones | Outreach Director, Crystal Cove Conservancy
● Heidi Sanborn | Founder, National Stewardship Action Council
● John Baker | Director, Wild-Aid Program
● Josh “Bones” Murphy | Award winning Filmmaker, Storyteller
● Kai Lenny | Professional Surfer, Ocean Advocate
● Kimmy Fasani | Professional Snowboarder; Climate Activist
● Obi Kaufman| Author; Environmental Advocate
● Pat Parnell | Host, Coast Film and Music Festival
● Ramon Navarro | Professional Big Wave Surfer; Ocean Activist
● Wes Carter | President, Atlantic Packaging; Founder, A New Earth Project

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“We've curated an exciting day featuring A-list professional adventure athletes and environmental advocates from across the globe,” said Ben Warner, co-founder and executive director of Coast Film Foundation and Festival. “As a community of outdoor enthusiasts united by our passion for adventure and the great outdoors, we recognize the urgency of working collaboratively to safeguard our precious resources for our communities and future generations.”

Tickets can be purchased for $85 in advance or $115 at the door. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from A New Earth Project, the first 30 high school and college students who register will have their ticket costs covered. Additionally, a 50% student discount is available to ensure accessibility for all curious students. To receive the discount code, students are requested to send their student ID via email to (Please note that Coast Summit tickets are not included in the 4-Day Festival Pass.)

Attendees will gain insights into the significance of Marine Protected Areas, including Laguna's own 10-year-old Marine Protected Areas (MPA), the community value of land preservation, the balance of policy making and consumer behavior, and Laguna College of Art and Design students will share their stunning projects with sustainable design. Networking and live music cap off the day featuring Revelshine Wines, Grey Whale Gin, jam tunes by The Great North Special, and the Mountains and Snow film showcase to follow.

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About Coast Film & Music Festival

Coast Film & Music Festival, based in Laguna Beach, California, is an annual celebration of outdoor-inspired cinema, culture, and community. Founded in 2019, CFMF’s diverse programming includes films, panels, music, art, and outdoor experiences, leaving audiences entertained, informed, and inspired. We're committed to nurturing young filmmakers and sharing their unique voices, providing innovative mentoring and inspired educational programs while serving as a powerful cultural and economic engine for Laguna Beach, the county of Orange and beyond. In 2022, we proudly founded The Coast Film Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to purpose-driven filmmaking with a mission to showcase exceptional films that drive positive change through storytelling, believing that outstanding films can change the world. For more details, visit #coastfilmfestival #getoutside


About A New Earth Project

A New Earth Project is the sustainability initiative of Atlantic Packaging, the largest privately held packaging company in North America. Uniting the global packaging supply chain, enlightened brands, and passionate consumers, our mission is to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution. From our New Earth Approved catalog of curbside recyclable and backyard compostable packaging solutions, to the work we are doing with organizations around the world who are focused on the problem of single-use plastic in our global waters, A New Earth Project is driving awareness and action with a profound commitment to inspiring the greater supply chain to join our movement. For more information, visit #wedothistogether

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