A New Earth Project

An initiative of Atlantic Packaging, A New Earth Project is a coalition between outdoor enthusiasts, industry-leading brands, and innovative packaging suppliers to create scale and advocate for sustainable packaging solutions to help eliminate plastic pollution from the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Our Mission Is To Rid the World's Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers of Plastic Pollution.

A New Earth Project started as a conversation between surfers on the North Shore of Oahu and has grown into a robust movement to raise awareness of and find critical solutions to address the increasing levels of plastic pollution in global waterways.

Led by Wes Carter, president and third-generation leader of Atlantic Packaging, the team built to support this initiative includes veterans from the surf, outdoor, media, and packaging industries.

Hearing well-known surfers share their personal stories of how they've observed the rise in plastic pollution in the oceans was a big moment for A New Earth Project founder, Wes Carter. He realized that a lot of the plastic waste being discussed was coming from packaging, a supply chain that he is a part of. As an avid surfer himself, Carter realized that his company has a seat at the table with the largest consumer product companies in the world, and that he was in a unique position of having both the ability and what he believed was the responsibility to drive much broader change.

We plan to accomplish this mission by being a driver of awareness, education, and action.

We are striving to build awareness, increase education and inspire action to create sustainable packaging for a healthy planet.

Build Awareness:
A New Earth Project is developing story-driven programming chronicling the challenges that global waters face, and the people, brands and organizations who are collaborating to find solutions. The first of multiple series in development, Journey to a New Earth is an eight-episode series designed to raise awareness about the environmental impacts generated by packaging that ends up in the world's waterways, shared through the first-hand accounts of some of the most recognizable surfers in the world. Episode one premier on April 22 (Earth Day) on Outside TV and FUEL TV, with a new episode to follow each week thereafter.

Increase Education:
Whether as an individual consumer, or business seeking to learn more about sustainable packaging solutions, our B2B + B2C knowledge hub will include resources and up-to-date news in all areas of sustainability, including the basics of sustainable packaging and current challenges with our infrastructure, as well as the big wins through innovation and the people who are leading the charge to find solutions to our most challenging environmental issues today.

Inspire Action:
A New Earth Project is building a global, open-source initiative available to brands of all sizes enabling them to implement more sustainable and circular packaging and shipping solutions through the New Earth Approved catalog and capabilities. This collective action will allow enlightened brands to make their packaging a meaningful brand attribute while signaling to their customers that the brand is doing its part to be more sustainable.

A New Earth Project is working to build Alliance Partners whose efforts we support financially and through direct collaboration. We are excited to be working with FUELTV and Outside TV as media partners as well as SIMA, SIA, and Fuse Marketing to help get the word out.

A New Earth Project is headquartered in Laguna Beach, CA.

New Earth Approved

Drawing on Atlantic's 75-year history in the global packaging supply chain, A New Earth Project delivers real solutions through the introduction of the New Earth Approved catalog, a collection of products and capabilities adhering to key criteria, including: 100% curbside recyclable, made from renewable resources, and not harmful to wildlife or ecosystems.

The simple goal is to present effective and efficient solutions that are easy to access for brands of all sizes who wish to enable more circular and sustainable shipping and packaging solutions.

The New Earth Approved catalog brings the purchasing power and delivery capabilities of Atlantic to businesses of all sizes. Partners may also tap into Atlantic's award-winning Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, NC, which helps brands solve their most challenging packaging problems in alignment with the ethos of New Earth Approved.

Our New Earth Approved Catalog Partners are:

Seaman Paper
Sealed Air
West Rock

If change doesn't occur, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050. This change needs to occur now, and it needs include all of us. It is essential that we work collectively to inspire and facilitate the broad change that needs to occur, we don't have the luxury of just waiting.

"We do this together and we do this now." - Wes Carter, founder of A New Earth Project