A New Earth Project is a collaboration between the global surfing community and the industrial packaging supply chain. 

Our mission is to rid the oceans of plastic pollution.  


In January 2021, the group that would kick off A New Earth Project gathered in Oahu, Hawaii to discuss their mission and to articulate their concerns for the health of our oceans as a result of ocean plastics. They also laid the groundwork for a plan that will create the change needed to save our oceans.

Zero Waste Offshore is a campaign born out of A New Earth Project to encourage the charter and recreational fishing community to be advocates for ocean stewardship.

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Surfer, Photographer, Documentarian


Peter King is a former World Tour surfer who is also well known for his award-winning web series, Tour Notes, that takes us behind the scenes on the Championship Tour. During his professional surfing days, he appeared on the cover of Surfer Magazine several times as well as in movies and videos.

Peter was Bob Hurley’s first team rider at Billabong and he stayed with Bob for 30 years as his Creative Director. He was also one of the first MTV game show hosts and he’s an accomplished musician. He’s produced and directed TV shows and movies for world renowned surfers like Clark Little and John John Florence.

Through his travels around the globe and his love of the ocean and the outdoors, Peter has seen and felt the devastastion of plastic pollution in the oceans.  His involvement in A New Earth Project is his way of bringing global awareness and inspiring change to help solve this problem.



President, Atlantic Packaging


Wes Carter is the third generation leader of Atlantic Packaging. The company origin traces back to his grandfather, Horace Carter, and its history of culture and community is as ingrained in Wes’s personal story as it is in his professional career.

As a UNC grad with a degree in journalism, Wes recognized that Atlantic provided an opportunity where he could have a creative and challenging career and also contribute to the family business in a meaningful way. In 2016, Wes was named President of Atlantic Corporation and was activated in all aspects of the operation.

Today, Wes is the driving force behind the company’s sustainability initiative and its commitment to making real and lasting change. As a life long surfer, traveler, and outdoorsman, Wes’s link with the global surfing community helps connect the pieces between the ambassadors of the ocean and the leaders in the packaging supply chain who can enact this change.