Behold, Wild Idea Buffalo

Here at A New Earth Project, we love nothing more than learning about a company that embodies environmental ethics and sustainability in everything they do. The only thing better is being able to join forces with them to help them on that journey.

Behold, Wild Idea Buffalo. 


Wild Idea Buffalo’s mission goes way beyond providing delicious, humanely harvested bison meat. They're just as committed to regenerating our precious grasslands and reviving the bison population, and their dedication to ethical and environmental standards is not only unparalleled, it's truly inspiring.

When we went up to meet the team we found out just how deeply invested they are in the health of our planet. By adhering to the highest ethical and environmental standards, they are showing the world that sustainability and quality can go hand in hand, and businesses can offer high-quality products while making a significant positive impact on the environment. 

Naturally, a critical component of their sustainability journey has been their approach to packaging. Maintaining their commitment to sustainability all the way to through their customer's door is as much a part of their ethical calculous as the rest of what they do.

When Wild Idea Buffalo sought out the most sustainable cold-chain packaging solution available our Atlantic Packaging team introduced them to our new innovative Cruz Cool technology, which met all their high standards, from appearance and durability, to sustainability and of course temperature control. 

The Cruz Cool boxes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly effective at keeping products cold. Made from 70% upcycled material, this one-of-a-kind insulation is a game-changer for sustainable shipping. Explore more about Cruz Cool in our New Earth Approved catalog here.

Wild Idea Buffalo’s use of Cruz Cool will greatly reduce their overall carbon footprint. The superior insulation properties of Cruz Cool allow them to use ground shipping instead of 2-day air, which significantly cuts down on emissions. Additionally, the packaging is recyclable and compostable, so it doesn't belong in a landfill. This holistic approach to sustainability is something that we at A New Earth Project are incredibly proud to support.

Hearing Wild Idea Buffalo articulate the importance of sustainability throughout the entire supply chain, right to their customers’ doorsteps, makes us proud to play a part in their success.

At A New Earth Project, we are committed to helping businesses achieve sustainability wins throughout their supply chains. Whether through switching to New Earth Approved packaging, optimizing materials and processes, or creating closed-loop systems, we are here to support your sustainability journey.

Let us help you gain sustainability wins throughout your supply chain by switching to New Earth Approved packaging, optimizing materials and processes, or creating closed-loop systems. Learn more here:


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