Natural Selection Tour Announces a New Earth Project as a Sustainable Solutions Partner

A New Earth Project is excited to announce that we've joined forces with Natural Selection Tour as a sustainable solutions partner. Our mission to rid the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution aligns perfectly with Natural Selection’s mission to celebrate Mother Nature.

"A New Earth Project is proud to partner with The Natural Selection Tour, which brings some of the most pristine and remote backcountry destinations into living rooms around the world," said Wes Carter, founder of A New Earth Project, and president of Atlantic Packaging, "By sharing beautiful backcountry destinations from around the world, NST celebrates these precious wild places and illustrates the interconnectedness of all things. Our partnership will continue to raise awareness of the sacredness of clean water in whatever form it exists on Earth."

Natural Selection Tour is committed to protecting the environment their riders thrive in and inspiring people to forge a deeper relationship with Mother Nature.

Be sure to watch the Natural Selection Tour Duels on Red Bull TV for some epic backcountry skiing competition.

"The basis of Natural Selection Tour dates back to 2008, when Travis Rice invited a group of professional snowboarders to join him at his home mountain in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. The goal was to create a contest that traded manicured takeoffs and spin-to-win judging for natural raw terrain and creative expression. The core concept returned to the mainstream in 2012 with Red Bull Super Natural and again at the 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural.

"Then, nearly a decade later, Rice’s innovative dream contest returned for good. Natural Selection Tour 2021 and 2022 concreted the three-staged contest series into snowboard culture, where the sport’s top athletes faced off in a head-to-head format, creating an arena for unlikely match-ups and mind-blowing riding."


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