US Board Riders Clubs Sign A New Earth Project as Official Sustainability Partner

Teaming Up to Rid the World’s Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers of Plastic Pollution

Laguna Beach, CA (October 14, 2022)—A New Earth Project, the sustainability initiative backed by Atlantic Packaging, has signed on as the Official Sustainability Partner of US Board Riders Clubs (USBRC), it was announced today by Chris Moreno, co-founder and board member of US Board Riders Clubs.

“We’re thrilled to welcome A New Earth Project to the US Board Riders family,” said Moreno. “Both of our organizations are passionate about the health of our oceans and this partnership allows us to work together to help reduce the plastic pollution that is ending up in our global waters.”

In addition to working with A New Earth Project to raise awareness of local ocean advocacy efforts, USBRC has committed to being single-use plastic free and will host a beach clean-up at every event.

“It has been amazing to see the passion and momentum building over the past few years with the US Board Riders Clubs,” said Wes Carter, President of Atlantic Packaging and Founder of A New Earth Project. “With 45 local clubs across the United States and more on the way, this partnership is a terrific way for us to get our message in front of surfers and the surf industry in a collaborative and supportive way. We are deeply committed to our mission, and we need great partners like the US Board Riders Clubs to make it happen.”

The 2022-2023 USBRC season is underway with more than 20 events taking place between now and May of 2023 where 7 USBRC clubs will face off at the US Board Riders National Championships on Saturday May 27, 2023, at the famed Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California.

About US Board Riders Clubs
US Board Riders Clubs was founded in December 2020. USBRC’s role is to serve as the commercial and administrative body to develop and manage the overall Board Riders Clubs’ structure in the US. Member chapters participate via an affiliation agreement that grants USBRC certain rights and ensures a clear set of operating principles and priorities.

USBRC works collaboratively with its member chapters and clubs in competition format and standards, sponsorship development, product licensing, content development and production, club best practices and services procurement.

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About A New Earth Project
An initiative of Atlantic Packaging, A New Earth Project is a coalition of outdoor enthusiasts, industry-leading brands, and innovative, environmentally conscious packaging suppliers to find and scale sustainable packaging solutions to stop plastic pollution from ending up in the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. As a catalyst to build awareness, increase education and inspire action, A New Earth Project brings together the voices of ocean and water advocacy and the global supply chain to solve these problems while providing sustainable packaging solutions for brands of all sizes through their website. Learn more at

About Atlantic Packaging
Atlantic Packaging recently celebrated its 75th year as a privately held business that specializes in end-of-line packaging systems and materials as well as converted paperboard solutions. Atlantic’s focus on innovation and technology has made them a market leader for customers requiring sustainable packaging options, packaging equipment, high performance materials, warehousing, and distribution. Atlantic delivers these solutions daily to customers in North and Central America. Learn more at

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