Renowned Skier and Lakota Activist Connor Ryan Joins Forces with A New Earth Project Advocate Team

Move Expands Commitment to Ridding the World’s Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers of Plastic Pollution

LAGUNA BEACH, CA (February 6, 2024) — A New Earth Project, the sustainability initiative of Atlantic Packaging, proudly welcomes professional skier, Lakota activist, and captivating storyteller, Connor Ryan, to its advocate team.

Wes Carter, founder of A New Earth Project and president of Atlantic Packaging, made the announcement today, highlighting the significance of Connor's commitment to health for himself, his community, and the planet.

"I am deeply honored to welcome Connor to our team," said Carter. "Our mission at A New Earth Project is to rid our world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution, and to have someone like Connor recognize the importance of what we’re doing and agree to lend his passion and voice to our movement is a tremendous asset.”

Carter continued “Connor's dedication to driving positive change aligns seamlessly with our goals. With his extensive expertise and commitment, I am confident that his collaboration will significantly amplify our efforts to achieve a cleaner and healthier planet. Together, we look forward to making substantial strides towards our mission, leaving a lasting impact on the global fight against plastic pollution.”

A proud Hunkpapa Lakota and passionate skier, Connor draws inspiration from his roots on the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute homelands at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. His mission is to decolonize, reconnect, and honor all relations through adventure and activism, with skiing serving as his dance and prayer—a ceremony in its own right.

Connor joins a distinguished Advocate team, including Cody Townsend, Kimmy Fasani, Kai Lenny, Koa Smith, Vaihiti Inso Mahana, Barton Lynch, Ben Bourgeois, and Carlos Munoz.

"When I first met Wes about a year ago, I was deeply impressed by both the history of Atlantic Packaging and his personal commitment to a healthy life on earth," commented Connor. "As I’ve gotten to know the team at A New Earth Project and see the level of passion that everyone brings to this movement, it was an absolute joy and privilege to say yes to being part of it."

"I’ve had a chance to work closely with Connor and his manager Bryan Cole as we put this partnership together," said Don Meek, managing director of A New Earth Project. "Watching Connor’s first film 'Spirit of the Peaks' and then learning more about his latest project 'The New Radical' was all we needed to know that working with Connor was the next logical step for us as we build this global movement."

The New Radical, Connor's latest project, is a skiing series questioning the line between the celebrated radicalism in sport and the criticized radicalism in contemporary media and politics. The series aims to showcase the proximity and distance between these concepts, appealing to those living a radical life for themselves, their community, and the planet.

About A New Earth Project:
The sustainability initiative of Atlantic Packaging, A New Earth Project is a coalition of outdoor enthusiasts, industry-leading brands, and innovative, environmentally conscious packaging suppliers. The initiative focuses on developing and scaling sustainable packaging solutions to combat single-use plastic pollution, and preventing it from reaching the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. As a catalyst for awareness, education, and action, A New Earth Project unites passionate advocates and the global supply chain to solve these problems while providing sustainable packaging solutions for brands of all sizes. Learn more at


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