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Borne from the packaging industry, A New Earth Project was created by surfers, outdoor enthusiasts, and experts in materials and design who saw a gap between sustainability and business — and came up with a solution. The plastic pollution crisis inspired our mission to create sustainable packaging and business solutions for a plastic-free future.
Sustainable Packaging
S3 Pro System
Made with 100% curbside recyclable materials, the S3 Pro System contains packaging supplies to ship up to 30 surfboards. Surfboards shipped with the S3 Pro System are protected against damage during shipping without excess plastic waste. Customers also enjoy faster and easier unboxing experiences.
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S3 Multi System
Ship 5-7 surfboards per single box with the S3 Multi System. The S3 Multi System significantly increases shipping efficiency and reduces the amount of packaging materials. The S3 Multi System is plastic and foam free, featuring 100% curbside recyclable packaging.
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Padded Mailers
For shipping fragile or bulky items without plastic waste, choose our EverTec padded mailers. Our padded mailers replace single-use foam and bubble mailers without forgoing quality or protection.
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Paper Mailers
For lightweight products that require little protection, like swimwear, choose our ProAmpac paper mailers. With a weather resistant finish, ProAmpac mailers offer an effective, sustainable, and recyclable alternative to single-use poly mailers.
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Glassine Paper Vela Bags
Available in 4 sizes, Vela Bags replace single use poly garment bags, and are curbside recyclable. Lightweight and transparent, Vela Bags are perfect for sorting and shipping apparel, including beanies, socks, gloves, dresses, and more.
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RanPak Void Fill
As an alternative to plastic bubble wrap and air pillows, RanPak void fill eliminates free spaces inside packages to ensure protection during shipping. Made from paper materials, RanPak fill is 100% curbside recyclable and cost effective.
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Capabilities & Testing
Mushroom Packaging
A New Earth Project partners with Ecovative, the creators of MycoComposite, which is currently used as an innovative packaging solution. MycoComposite utilizes two natural ingredients, mushroom mycelium and hemp hurd agricultural matter, to generate a sustainable, compostable styrofoam-like packaging material.
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Packaging Solution Center
Sustainable packaging solutions require data, knowledge, and innovative minds. The Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte, North Carolina conducts advanced research to develop leading packaging solutions in combination with thorough testing and monitoring. A New Earth Project in conjunction with The Packaging Solution Center uses sizing tests and metrics, transportation testing, customer experience models, and protective packaging to limit waste and improve transit dynamics.
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Help Fight Plastic Pollution Help Fight Plastic Pollution

Help Fight Plastic Pollution

A New Earth Project is committed to a future without plastic pollution. Our partners share our environmental values. To find out more about our mission, partners, and products, contact us here.