The S3 Pro System
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Shipping surfboards just got greener.
Packaging surfboards has never been easier. Or better for the planet. The future of plastic-free oceans starts now. The S3 Pro System is an innovative and sustainable surfboard shipping alternative where businesses, surfers, and the environment can finally meet.
Features & Benefits
Fiber-Based Packaging
100% curbside recyclable SUS-RAP is a fiber-based packaging material that protects against scratches and abrasion during shipping. Ship securely without excessive tapes, plastic films, and foam padding. Save time and waste with the S3 Pro System.
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Efficient Shipping Preparation
The S3 Pro System requires 5 minutes to pack, and less time to unbox. Efficiency benefits both business and customers so that you can spend less time on shipping, and they can spend more time paddling out.
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Reusable & Functional
Surfers are always on the go. The S3 Pro System packaging can be reused again and again to protect surfboards from damage when traveling. Putting a board up for the season? The S3 Pro System packaging can be used as functional storage supplies.
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Help Change the Game
A New Earth Project is building a plastic-free future one alternative at a time. To ship surfboards with the S3 Pro System, contact us here.
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How To Pack the S3 Pro
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