Let's Protect What Matters

Let's Protect What Matters Watch the video

What do you value?

Wait -- try this instead: when was the last time you asked yourself what you truly value?

My guess is it's been a minute...so go on...sit with that question for a second.

Separate your needs from your wants. Is your work/life balance working? What are the physical and emotional tolls you're paying in your daily pursuit?

No matter how old you are or how long you've been surfing, there's nothing like unwrapping a new board. Now that process doesn't have to contribute to the single-use plastic problem. The new S3 Pro System delivers boards safely, securely, and sustainably, with packaging that's 100% curbside recyclable. Check out our Mushroom fin packaging too.

Chances are, after you meditate on this matter for a while, you'll realize the stuff you actually value isn't stuff at all, but rather, four powerful forces: health, loved ones, time, and nature.

Manage a healthy relationship with those four pillars of being alive and life gets good.

But doing so takes effort, and discipline. There's a lot of bargaining we have to do with ourselves, our loved ones, our bosses and our wallets to make it work.

But in the end, nothing beats quality play time, in nature, with those we love...Nothing.

That's one reason why we put such a high value on maintaining beautiful environments to play and thrive in. Nature's health is ours.

Naturally, those of us living in developed countries like to think of ourselves as environmentally evolved. We capture a very high percentage of our waste. We have National Parks, EV's, windmills, and recycling centers.

Yet we still create the vast majority of the world's waste. Each year the United States generates one third of world's solid waste. That's a staggering sum.

Frankly, it's not enough that we manage waste within our borders. When we use our market dominance to export single-use plastic products to the rest of the world, knowing full well they don't have the waste management systems to handle it, we're just as culpable for the results.

That's why we're trying to change the game at A New Earth Project.

The Philippines is home to some of the most polluted rivers on the planet. They're responsible for nearly 30% of the plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean. But before you wag your finger consider this, they get their plastic products from us, despite the fact that we know they don't have the waste management systems to handle it. So who's to blame?

Our mission is to make you aware of these problems we've created for others, so we can strive to protect what matters to them, too. People in the Philippines, who consume our products, deserve a healthy environment too. Let's help protect what matters.

Ultimately, we're trying to fix the waste problem by helping others create less of it. If we had our way, all of your valued stuff would be packaged in curbside recyclable packages. What's more, it would be biodegradable too, so if it escapes into nature, it won't be for long.

Our new S3 Pro surfboard shipping system and Mushroom Packaging for fin systems are just the latest examples, but you can view the entire catalogue of New Earth Approved products here.

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading.

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