Question: How Much of Your Plastic Will Outlive You?

Question: How Much of Your Plastic Will Outlive You?

Answer: Way too much. 

If you're anything like me crunching numbers makes your head hurt. Have you ever taken an accounting class? Jeesh, they're tough. And the more honest the accounting, the tougher it can be on your mental health. Let's face it, some of us don't like to know the real numbers. This is especially true when we're talking about household budgets or something worse, like our ecological impact. 

Have you ever tried this? If not, here's a sample scenario: Think about the last piece of plastic you used, and how long you used it for. Was it a carry out bag? A plastic spoon? A water bottle? A six pack carrier? 

Now, how many times did you (or will you) actually touch it? And for how long? From the store to your car, from your car to your what? The trash?

In far too many cases the answer is less than probably 60 seconds. Yet that plastic bag, in nature, will be around up to 10 years. And sadly, that's among the least harmful. This infographic explains how long some of our most common uses stick around. As you review the list, remember to ask yourself how many times you think you used it. Now look at how long it'll be around. 

Now add up all the plastic you've used for the past year, two years, or ten? 


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