UnPacked, Episode 1: How to Design Your Ideal Surfing Life

Welcome to UNPACKED, A New Earth Project series starring our road warrior salesman, Jason Jackson, who will take us behind the scenes at brands big and small, old and new, who all have one thing in common: they're looking for practical, affordable ways to be truly more sustainable. This week, we start with Newport Beach-based surfboard shaper, Mike Estrada, who's designed his work and recreation around each other. Estrada has shaped more than 10,000 boards over the course of his career, and while he could have easily chosen to ramp up and scale for more, he's kept his business intentionally at a level that offers him maximum freedom to maintain his surfing lifestyle. After all, the creative feedstock of every great surfboard shaper is getting in the water. In other words, Estrada's version of sustainability runs deep.
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