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Finally! A Sustainable Cable Tie
FibreStrap is a sustainable paper cable tie, designed to replace current fossil plastic solutions for bundling, securing, and attaching in any industry. Strong, recyclable, and biodegradable – Made to endure, but not to last.
Features & Benefits
What Is FibreStrap?
FibreStrap is a sustainable cable tie made primarily from wood fibers. This product is designed to replace single-use fossil-based plastic cable ties.
What Is It Made From?
FibreStrap consists of renewable materials – from natural resources that can be replenished, generation after generation. FibreStrap is minimum 85% plant-based. The wood fibers are from certified materials.
What Are the Applications?
FibreStrap has a wide range of applications. With its self-locking permanent seal, high tensile strength, and ease-of-use, FibreStrap can be used to hang, hold, attach, seal and bundle just about anything.
Benefits of Switching to FibreStrap
FibreStrap enables you to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce water consumption, customize lengths, and reduce the use of fossil plastic.
World's First Fiber-Based Cable Tie World's First Fiber-Based Cable Tie

World's First Fiber-Based Cable Tie

FibreStrap is the world’s first fiber-based cable tie made for bundling and attaching just about any product or item. FibreStrap can easily be integrated into any packaging solution or application, replacing traditional fossil plastic cable ties. This product is re-usable under certain conditions and can be recycled with other paper products. The Scandinavian wood fiber material comes from certified sources and provides outstanding tensile strength.