From Nature. Back to Nature.
Cruz Foam is hitting the market with regenerative, earth-digestible packaging solutions. Their product is made from materials like chitin, a waste product from the seafood industry and the second most abundant biopolymer on earth. This will be the only foam-based recyclable packaging on the market.

With the help of Atlantic Packaging as their go-to-market partner, they are working to produce these solutions at scale. These new products aim to replace plastic bubble wrap, bubble mailers, and plastic foam coolers to deliver superior performance while meeting customer sustainability requirements.
Cruz Foam Meets<br>New Earth Approved<br>Sustainability Standards Cruz Foam Meets<br>New Earth Approved<br>Sustainability Standards

Cruz Foam Meets
New Earth Approved
Sustainability Standards

#1 Curbside Recyclable or Compostable - Recycling ensures materials are kept in circulation at their highest and best use. We look for materials that are widely accepted by most curbside recyclable programs so consumers can recycle them without having to take them to special drop-off locations.

Packaging that can’t be made from recyclable materials should be compostable, and preferably home compostable over industrially compostable to ensure as many people can compost the item as possible.

#2 Made From Renewable Resources - Renewable resources are those that naturally replenish themselves in a human time scale, such as plant- and tree- based materials. We prioritize fiber-based materials and push our suppliers to special drop-off locations.

#3 Not Harmful to Wildlife Or Ecosystems - We want our packaging to be harmless to wildlife and ecosystems if it does appear in the environment. We prioritize materials that biodegrade in a matter of months - not decades or centuries - and that do not leave behind toxic chemicals or microplastics.

Cruz Foam Partners with Atlantic Packaging
Proud Partners
This revolutionary earth-friendly product category from Cruz Foam is to become available in partnership with industry leader Atlantic Packaging as part of A New Earth Project. Bringing together the voices of ocean advocacy groups with organizations in the supply chain like Cruz Foam is exactly the type of innovation we're proud to support.
Aligned Mission
Atlantic Packaging and Cruz Foam share the unique position of having the resources, ability, and underlying passion to drive the change that needs to occur to help fight the plastic waste crisis, and together, we will be able to make a lasting impact.
Making Waves
Atlantic Packaging's partnership with Cruz Foam is the most exciting and potentially impactful innovation in sustainable packaging to date. In collaboration with A New Earth Project, we're excited to support organizations develop breakthrough technologies in sustainability. This is critical to the success of a closed loop economy for our world.
Activating Innovation Activating Innovation

Activating Innovation

At Atlantic Packaging we have long embraced our role as an activator of innovation in the marketplace.

With packaging accounting for over 40 percent of plastic waste according to 2018 EPA data, Atlantic Packaging has recognized its corporate responsibility to have a positive impact on the planet.

With a focus on innovation and technology, Atlantic Packaging is a market leader for customers requiring sustainable packaging solutions, packaging equipment, high performance materials, warehousing and distribution.

This partnership gives Cruz Foam the network needed to get products in the hands of customers.
A New Earth Project founder and president of Atlantic Packaging, Wes Carter, talks with Cruz Foam CEO John Felts about the amazing opportunity to replace highly problematic EPS and Styrofoam packaging.