Surf Ambassadors

A New Earth Project is honored to count some of the world's most incredible surfers among its ambassadors.

From the very inception of A New Earth Project, surfers were the natural fit for bringing attention to the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans.  They travel the globe, spend time on beaches around the world, and surf oceans in all parts of the world. They care deeply about the health of our planet and they see firsthand the effects of ocean pollution.


John John Florence & Kai Lenny


World Champion John John Florence teamed up with Pyzel Surfboards to test out the inaugural run of our Surfboard Shipping System. The big wave beast, Kai Lenny, came by to check out the system, as well.

We had good reports all around from these pros!  They've both been big supporters of all things sustainable and all things ocean conservation throughout their careers.

Our initiative to bridge the worlds of surfing and the supply chain come together in collaboration with these amazing ambassadors. They have a real passion for inspiring young people to embrace a waste free world and protect the health of all natural ecosystems. 

Thank you to John John Florence and Kai Lenny for helping us make the Surfboard Shipping System a reality!

 Kelly Slater

It was an incredible honor to talk to surfing legend, Kelly Slater, about his experience witnessing the effects of pollution around the world.

Koa Smith

Surf star, Koa Smith, is a conscientious traveler.  It was enlightening to talk with hims about the challenges of trying to eliminate plastic while traveling.