How Harry's Razors Optimized Their Packaging with New Earth Approved Solutions

At A New Earth Project we're thrilled to have like-minded partners like Harry's, the hugely successful subscription-based line of men's grooming products.

In direct-to-consumer subscription businesses, packaging is everything, and for Harry's, so too is their commitment to sustainability.

With the aid of our experts at Atlantic Packaging, we've being working with Harry's to optimize their packaging even more. It's one thing to switch to fully curbside recyclable products, but it's a whole other thing to streamline your packaging even more to reduce costs and your environmental footprint.

Watch the video to see just how much Harry's was able to reduce fuel costs, carbon emissions, and water usage simply by optimizing their sustainable packaging even more. 

Are you looking to do the same in your business? If so, don't hesitate to reach out. 

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