World Surfing Champions and Big Wave Legends join A New Earth Project's Dream Team for Renowned Team Competition at Pipeline

World Champions Kelly Slater and Carissa Moore were joined by Kai Lenny, Koa Smith and Matahi Drollet for last weekend's Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, a prestigious team surfing event held at the world famous Pipeline, on Oahu's North Shore. We're humbled and grateful to have this Dream Team of talent representing A New Earth Project for the gathering.

Naturally, they thrilled onlookers, as Pipeline delivered some of the most intense conditions in recent memory. With huge swells detonating on the famed reef, the risk factor was more serious than usual. Three surfers were hospitalized during Sunday's competition (fortunately each is on the road to recovery).

Kelly Slater, the 11-time world champion, gave a very impressive performance, which is hardly surprising considering he's won 8 Championship Tour events at Pipeline, the latest coming last year, just one week before his 50th birthday.

Olympic Gold Medalist Carissa Moore, who has five world titles to her credit, did a fantastic job backing him up, as did Kai, Koa and Matahi.

The Backdoor Shootout is prestigious specialty surfing event that offers Hawaii's huge pool of local surfing talent a shot at competing against the world's best. Teams from all over the world take part, representing a variety of brands, clubs, retail establishments and, in A New Earth Project's case, a mission to rid the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution.

The all-star cast was put together by A New Earth Project's very own Peter King, the former pro surfer turned photographer, producer, and project incubator who's a rock star in his own right. Peter has been a behind-the-scenes force for years getting surfers to use their star power for good.

Thanks to Peter's hard work, this Dream Team is shining a light on the growing plastic pollution problem, and the need for more sustainable solutions, which is our primary focus here at A New Earth Project.

Surfers make for effective voices in this mission. After all, they're on the front lines of the plastic pollution problem threatening our seas.

Last year, Slater shared some of the horrors he's seen in our TV series "Journey to A New Earth." In episode 5, he recalled the horrors he encountered on a recent trip to Bali. "As far as you could see, it was just trash."

Kai, Carissa, Koa and Matahi are all active in this movement as well, and we applaud their efforts to educate and inspire others to get aware and get involved.

On behalf of everyone here at A New Earth Project, and ocean lovers everywhere, we are truly humbled and extremely grateful for their support. Their legions of fans are passionate ocean lovers as well, and we're proud to call them all allies and advocates in this cause.

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