Wes Carter on Steering the Course of SB-54 and Tackling Plastic Pollution Head-On

As founder of A New Earth Project and president of Atlantic Packaging, Wes Carter stands on the front line in the battle against plastic pollution.

In fact, his dedication is such that the state of California recently appointed Wes as a member of its new advisory board for SB-54. This bill, a landmark piece of legislation in the Golden State, is specifically designed to combat plastic pollution.

The Plastic Waste Reduction and Producer Responsibility Act stands as the most ambitious extended producer responsibility (EPR) bill ever passed. Given that California is the world's fourth-largest economy, its potential to effect significant global waste clean-up is considerable.

Wes heads the largest privately held industrial packaging solution company in North America, leading a team with a wealth of 75 years of institutional knowledge. Atlantic knows the ins and outs of every packaging material there is, and while materially dynamic, they're renewably biased, working diligently to bring innovative sustainable solutions to market.


This expertise makes Atlantic Packaging's insights into the most sustainable packaging solutions highly sought after.

We recently had the opportunity to discuss with Wes the groundbreaking SB-54 legislation, its potential impact, and the role he hopes to play in shaping its future.

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