Double Your Donation Power to Make a Difference in the Maui Strong Relief Effort

Double your donation to the Maui Strong relief effort


The road ahead is long for those affected by the Maui fires. Even after the story disappears from the headlines, the affected individuals will continue to require support. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to ensure that your donations make a real difference.

To begin with, A New Earth Project, in collaboration with our team at Atlantic Packaging, has partnered with the Danny Kwock Family Foundation. Together, we aim to match up to $50,000 in donations made to the Hawaii Community Foundation's Maui Strong Fund.

The Hawaii Community Foundation has been dedicatedly serving the community for over 85 years and comes with our team's full endorsement. Each dollar you donate will be matched, up to the first $50,000. If you decide to contribute, please remember to specify.

When making a donation, it's essential to list the organization name as one of the options provided below. This will allow us to tally the total amount our organizations have collectively contributed for the match:

· Atlantic Packaging
· A New Earth Project
· Danny Kwock Family Foundation


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A New Earth Project on the Ground

Ever since the harrowing news of the Maui wildfires started circulating on social media last week, the enormity of the disaster has been overwhelming to comprehend. While Lahaina is renowned as a tourist hub, it's far more than just a vacation destination. It's home to numerous generational Hawaiians. The deep-seated roots of the native population stretch back centuries, underscoring Lahaina's historical significance. This rich history is why Lahaina once held the esteemed position as the capital city of the Hawaiian kingdom.

Kai Lenny, renowned as one of Maui's premier professional surfers, is also a pivotal advocate for A New Earth Project. Residing on the opposite side of the island, he has not let distance deter his commitment. From the very outset of this disaster, Kai has been at the forefront of the rescue and relief operations, dedicating his time and energy to assist those in distress, and demonstrating the spirit of aloha that runs deep within the heart of every Hawaiian.


Kai and his close-knit Maui community of water rescue teams wasted no time. Harnessing the power of their significant social media following, they acted swiftly to amplify the pressing needs of the locals. This was particularly crucial during the initial stages when governmental agencies seemed to be stumbling and struggling to provide immediate assistance.

Kai's outreach to the global community served as an eye-opener. He was instrumental in revealing the true scale of the devastation, emphasizing that the death toll was projected to be closer to 1,000 — a stark contrast to the initial 100 that many media outlets had been reporting. This not only highlighted the severe loss of life but also brought to light the grim reality that thousands of families were left without shelter.

To further shed light on the ground situation, Kai collaborated with Peter King and Barton Lynch, sharing his firsthand experiences and insights on the Stoked Bloke Podcast. This candid conversation offered listeners and concerned individuals around the world one of the first in-depth views of the unfolding tragedy in Maui.

As Kai's message resonated widely across social media, he began receiving more detailed updates from locals about their specific necessities. He didn't hesitate to relay these reports directly to government officials, holding them accountable when required, especially as bureaucratic red tape and the government's stringent lockdowns hindered grassroots rescue initiatives.

On Saturday, in a bid to expedite the relief process, Kai made a fervent appeal to the authorities: for them to step aside and allow local efforts to swiftly deliver essential supplies, such as insulin and other vital prescription medications. The initial response was disheartening, with both aerial and maritime deliveries facing barriers.

However, persistence pays off. By Monday morning, Kai's earnest plea had made an impact. He was now coordinating directly with the Coast Guard, who were granting permission for his team and other local groups to transport much-needed supplies via boat.

This situation remains dynamic, with developments unfolding rapidly. We will continue to provide updates on our social channels. Should you require further details or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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