Come Harness the Momentum of A New Earth Project

Just over a year ago, an unlikely congregation of surfers and packaging industry insiders sparked a conversation about plastic pollution on the North Shore of Oahu. Little did they know that this dialogue would morph into a groundbreaking project aimed at solving the world's pollution problems - A New Earth Project.

The idea, ambitious yet conceivable, was to connect experts from all stages of the product lifecycle to address pollution collaboratively. The project envisioned a holistic approach, engaging the people involved at every juncture of the product's journey and considering the key factors influencing their decisions.

Recognizing the tremendous influence of athletes and brand influencers, the project proposed a twist to the typical endorsement relationship. What if these influencers could urge brands to adopt environmentally responsible practices? What if the initial product and packaging design considered the materials' ultimate fate once their purpose had been served?

As ambitious as these questions were, they sprouted an even grander vision - creating a global community of collaborators working on sustainable and economically viable solutions. And thus, A New Earth Project was born.

From its inception, our project's goal was clear and resonant with the grand challenge of this century: to disengage human progress from its detrimental ecological impacts. The project's path may be as treacherous as a tightrope, but it is a necessary crossing to a healthier world.

The priority? Tackling the rapid rise of consumer-based, single-use plastics, the modern scourge of nature. This goal goes hand in hand with the broader mission to purge the world's oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic pollution.

Fueled by Atlantic Packaging, a leading North American industrial packaging supplier with 80 years of experience, A New Earth Project is grounded in real-world realities. It understands the complex interplay of business incentives, consumer behaviors, product protection, marketing aspirations, sustainability goals, and the practicalities of recycling.

The project's expertise lies in aiding brands to transition to more sustainable packaging solutions. Through partnerships with athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and like-minded brands, the project broadens its knowledge, sparks influential conversations, and accelerates progress towards sustainability.

Reflecting on its first year, A New Earth Project focused on awareness, shedding light on the urgent need to balance human advancement and its ecological impacts. Transparency, understanding of real costs, benefits, and trade-offs are crucial to making the right decisions in this precarious balancing act.

As we move forward, we invite you to join us on this journey towards a sustainable future. Dive into explorations of new ideas, understand the compromises, engage in enriching discussions, and rigorously consider the potential ramifications of our decisions. Together, let's navigate this tightrope, find the best answers, and shape the future of our Earth.


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