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Zero Waste Offshore is a campaign born out of A New Earth Project to encourage the charter and recreational fishing community to be advocates for ocean stewardship.


It’s simple, really. The number one thing our offshore fishing community can do to become better stewards of our oceans is to keep trash in the boat and out of the water. That takes awareness and intention and this initiative is designed to spread this awareness throughout the community.


We partnered with YETI to distribute their LoadOut 5 Gallon Buckets with mesh lids at the Big Rock Fishing Tournament in Morehead City, NC. Boaters were extremely receptive to the goal of keeping waste contained in the boat – and out of the water!

Our fishing community has such a vested interested in healthy marine ecosystems, and we must set the example. Keeping waste from leaving our boats is a simple commitment that shows that we are serious about preserving vital natural resource.

Please join us as we, offshore fishermen, take on plastic pollution and give back to the oceans that have given us so much. It’s time to say thank you.


Legends of Hatteras Sportfishing discuss the tragedy that is the channel leading to the Cape Hatteras inlet.

Because of lack of resources and political will, this most famous destination in marlin fishing is suffering greatly. And this is affecting the local businesses that support this industry, reverberating throughout the entire community.

It’s time to use our voices and votes to save Hatteras Sportfishing and the great people that depend on it




The Most Technical Resource in Sustainable Packaging


Atlantic Packaging is the most technical resource in sustainable packaging, leading the industry in sustainable practices, products, and packaging efficiencies.

Founded 75 years ago, Atlantic continues to evolve to meet the specific needs of the changing manufacturing world.  We built the Packaging Solution Center in 2017 with advanced testing equipment to help our customers apply data-driven results to optimize and reduce the amount of packaging material needed.

For B2B packaging, Atlantic is also focused on creating closed loop systems to capture packaging waste, specifically stretch film and corrugate, in an efficient, managed recycling stream.

When it comes to B2C packaging and e-commerce, we’re focused on sourcing sustainable options that are better for our environment, that align with your sustainability-minded consumers, and that ultimately impact the positive product performance and brand reputation of our customers.

Atlantic’s internal Zero Waste campaign is designed to improve the sustainabilty of our operations and to influence changing behavior in our employees. 

Zero Waste Offshore builds on this movement, bringing in the fishing community that is so near and dear to our hearts.



President, Atlantic Packaging


Wes Carter is the third generation leader of Atlantic Packaging. The company origin traces back to his grandfather, Horace Carter, and its history of culture and community is as ingrained in Wes’s personal story as it is in his professional career.

As a UNC grad with a degree in journalism, Wes recognized that Atlantic provided an opportunity where he could have a creative and challenging career and also contribute to the family business in a meaningful way. In 2016, Wes was named President of Atlantic Corporation and was activated in all aspects of the operation.

Today, Wes is the driving force behind the company’s sustainability initiative and its commitment to making real and lasting change. As a life long surfer, traveler, and outdoorsman, Wes’s link with the global surfing community helps connect the pieces between the ambassadors of the ocean and the leaders in the packaging supply chain who can enact this change.


Reach out to us to learn more and find out how to get your boat Zero Waste Certified.